We know that you have TONS of questions! Booking a wedding photographer is a big deal, and we want you to be comfortable with your decision! We have provided answers to the most common questions below. If you have a question that we didn’t answer, please contact us!

What is your education background?

Jessika has a degree in engineering from Purdue University and a degree in photography from The Art Institute of Indianapolis. Jimmy has been well trained by Jessika.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2008.

How would you describe your photography style?

We take inspiration from all kinds of places, including industrial and architectural type imagery along with high fashion. During weddings and events, we also adopt a photojournalistic approach to capture wonderful candid and spontaneous images.

We try to use the style that best fits each part of the wedding day, so our finished products are a blend of styles that create a complete view of the wedding day. We feel that no one style of photography perfectly fits what is needed for a wedding, so we use our experience to create memorable wedding galleries for you and your family!

Our editing style is generally light and airy with an emphasis on film emulation. We try to make the images look true to life, but just a little bit better. *wink*

What kind of camera equipment do you use?

We use digital photography equipment made by Nikon. Our cameras, lenses, and flashes are from Nikon’s professional line. They are built to perform in very demanding, low light situations.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes! We bring back up cameras, lenses, flashes, and memory cards with us to every wedding.

What are your prices?

Please contact us for detailed pricing information. You will receive our pricing information immediately by email upon submitting your contact form.

Can I create a custom wedding package?

Absolutely! Please let us know your needs and the approximate timeline of your wedding day when contacting us. We are happy to create something that best fits your needs!

Can I print my images wherever I would like?

Yes. Your gallery of images includes personal usage rights and printing rights. You may display your images online and print them wherever you’d like. You cannot, however, re-edit the images or sell them.

The images you receive are full resolution and can be printed in gigantic sizes.

We do recommend that any images that you plan to hang on the wall be purchased from your online gallery. These images are printed on professional archival paper with archival inks. They are much higher quality than images printed at a consumer lab like Wal-Mart and will resist fading and discoloration.

What kind of image editing do you do?

We use Adobe’s professional image editing software to select the best images and then crop, sharpen, optimize, and color correct each individual image.

Your gallery will contain color and B&W images.

We do not retouch blemishes. If you have a concern about a blemish or would like to request skin retouching, please contact us. We can quote a rate per image.

How much is my deposit and when is it due?

50% for weddings, due upon booking

100% for portraits, due upon booking

Do you offer online proofing?

Yes! Your proofs can be found at http://www.jessikafeltzproofs.com

Galleries are password protected and can be shared with family and friends.

All print and wall art ordering is done through the online gallery system, and products are shipped directly to the person who ordered them, making ordering easy for your family and friends!

Do you charge travel fees?

Yes. However, sessions and weddings within one hour of Indianapolis are typically not subject to travel fees.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes. Sales tax will be applied to your session/order according to the laws of the state of Indiana. Generally, sales tax will only apply to tangible items such as albums or prints.

What is your payment policy?

For weddings, the deposit is due at booking and the remainder is due 2 weeks before the wedding.

For portraits, the entire sum is due at booking.

Do you back up my images?

Yes! Your images are backed up in multiple places, on site at our office and off site.

Do you have samples that I can view?

Absolutely! If you would like to schedule a consultation with us before booking, we can show you samples of our products. Also, we would be glad to give you access to an online gallery from one of our past weddings so that you can see an entire wedding.

Do you have insurance?

ABSOLUTELY. We have both equipment and liability coverage.

How many images will we receive?

This number is highly dependent on the number of hours you have purchased, but your gallery will typically have 500-1500 images.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

We are a husband and wife team and always shoot that way! If you purchase our photobooth, we will bring a third photographer to run the booth.

What happens if you get sick or can’t be at my wedding?

We know that this is one of the most important day of your lives, which is why it would take us being tied to hospital beds for us to not be there. We shot a wedding while Jessika was 39.5 weeks pregnant; we then shot a wedding 11 days after her c-section! If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is! 

With that said, in the event that we cannot make it to your wedding, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your photos are not compromised. We have an extensive list of photographer friends that could fill in for us in an emergency. We will not leave you hanging. We are also very experienced solo photographers and can work alone if necessary.

How long will it take to get my images after the wedding?

It is difficult to quote a turn around time; in general, your images will be complete in about 8-12 weeks. During busier times of the year, it may take up to 16 weeks. We edit every single image individually for the best results, and it is our goal to get your images to you as quickly as possible because we know you are waiting!

My venue is very dark. Can you handle that?

Absolutely. We utilize some of the industry’s BEST cameras for low light situations and have lenses that work well in your dark venue!

Do you use flash?

We do not use flash during ceremonies because we feel that it is disruptive. Many churches do not allow flash, but even if your church does allow it, we will not use flash.

However, during the portraits, we may use off camera lighting for very awesome creative effects. There are samples of this type of lighting on our website. If you are having a late fall or winter wedding, it is more likely that we will need to use lighting for your portraits.

During the reception, we will utilize flash, and we are very skilled with it.

Will you accept a list of shots that we would like taken?

We prefer to use our own style, vision, and the surroundings to create unique images for you.

We will take requests for creative photos, but we will not copy another photographer’s image.

You may provide us with photos from Pinterest, but typically any more than about 10 photos becomes cumbersome for us to use.

We will not, however, shoot from a list such as this: http://weddings.about.com/od/photographer/a/Photogchecklist.htm

We are professionals and we ask that you trust us to do our job. However, we do understand that you have a vision for your wedding day, and we can work with you to communicate that vision in your images. To preserve our integrity as artists and human beings, we will not honor requests that may be offensive, illegal, or completely unrepresentative of our style.

As far as family photos are concerned, we work with you during the pre-event consult to create a list of photos for your family formals.

What do you wear?

We typically dress in dark clothing in order to blend into the background. We try to blend in with your guests while preserving our ability to work comfortably.

Do you need to visit my ceremony or reception site?

Generally, no we do not. We have experienced many different types of locations and are able to quickly assess lighting and other logistics on the day of the wedding. Unless you are having a type of religious ceremony with which we are not familiar, we will not need to visit your site. We also do not need to be present at your rehearsal.

However, we do require that you communicate any photographic restrictions to us BEFORE the wedding day.

How many weddings have you photographed?

At last count (at the end of 2019) we have photographed 209 weddings.

Have you photographed a Gay/Catholic/Indian/Persian/Jewish/Etc wedding before?

Through the years, we have photographed weddings of many types, orientations, and religions. We truly enjoy learning about different cultures and the wedding traditions of those cultures.

We have dealt with a variety of restrictions at religious venues during ceremonies, and we know how to be respectful of your venue’s rules.

We want you to know that we would be happy to work with you for your wedding, regardless of the religion or orientation. We will happily research your traditions if we are unfamiliar with them, and we would also be happy to meet with you and your officiant before your wedding day to learn more.