Will you accept a list of shots that we would like taken?

We prefer to use our own style, vision, and the surroundings to create unique images for you.

We will take requests for creative photos, but we will not copy another photographer’s image.

You may provide us with photos from Pinterest, but typically any more than about 10 photos becomes cumbersome for us to use.

We will not, however, shoot from a list such as this: http://weddings.about.com/od/photographer/a/Photogchecklist.htm

We are professionals and we ask that you trust us to do our job. However, we do understand that you have a vision for your wedding day, and we can work with you to communicate that vision in your images. To preserve our integrity as artists, we will not honor requests that may be offensive, illegal, or completely unrepresentative of our style.

As far as family photos are concerned, we work with you during the pre-event consult to create a list of photos for your family formals.

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