Our Approach To Your Wedding Day

After photographing over 200 weddings (as of 2019), we work as a well oiled machine. We have a strong foundation in technical knowledge, including working in difficult lighting situations. And let’s be honest, who knows you better than your spouse? We are a dedicated pair, unlike many photographers in the Indianapolis area. We feel that this is a very important part of successfully capturing your wedding day.

Before the wedding, our goal is to get to know you better by spending some time together at your engagement session. This will help you feel more comfortable on the wedding day and learn to enjoy your time in front of the camera. We love helping you get comfortable with being photographed! We are just regular people, and we want you to come out of the engagement session feeling like you know us and you can be comfortable with us.

In preparation for the wedding day, we will help you develop a timeline for photography and other wedding day events. We work well with other wedding professionals to make the schedule work for all of us. We feel that creating a great timeline is the start to a successful wedding day, and we can help you work out any kinks before they happen.

On the big day, we find that the combination of several shooting styles works best. Some moments, such as portraits, will be directed in a similar way to your engagement session. We will photograph your ceremony and other traditional events with a documentary style, capturing the important moments as the occur. We love to capture the details as well, so we spend some time doing that during several portions of the day. Also, we are always watching for candid moments and interactions between you and the special people in your lives! When you put these styles together, it produces a gallery that is a beautiful representation of your wedding day!